(Archives 2019-2020 Cursive Handwriting Lesson)



Students were doing a beautiful job with their cursive handwriting. Please continue to practice with them at home. Parents, you will need to sit with your child and show them how to make each letter correctly. At school, I made the letters on the board and walked around to make sure each student was sitting up nice and straight and their pencil and paper were both in the proper position. If you go to the links section of the website, you will find two cursive handwritng videos-one for left handers and one for right handers that we watched in class. You might want to replay these for your child.


You will need to print these out. We would work on the cursive sheet and then students would use a blank paper to practice those letters on their own. Students should work slowly. This isn't a quick activity. One sheet of letters should take 20 to 30 min. and one blank sheet of practice should take another 20 to 30 min. I will continue to update this page with more practice sheets.


Cursive "e" and "l"-click on the link and print this out


Blank Lined Cursive Paper-click on the link and print this out 


Cursive "h" and "k"-click and print this out