READING LOGS-2023-2024


212 READING LOGS 2023-2024



Students will be receiving a reading log each grading period. There are blank logs on our class website and in Google Classroom. They should use their log to keep track of all of the reading that they do in that period. Reading logs should be kept in the student’s reading folder and they will be checked periodically to note your child’s progress. Students should be reading books appropriate for his/her reading level. Children who are capable of reading more challenging books should be encouraged to do so. Students won’t be able to include stories from their Reading text. 


Students will also be required to indicate the genre of each book read. For example, is the book a fairy tale, a legend, drama, historical fiction, realistic fiction, a biography?  On the log, they should write whether the book is fiction or non-fiction and then indicate the specific genre. We will be learning about and discussing a variety of genres in reading so your child will master the various types. They will need to know genres for the standardized tests. Students will be bringing home information discussing the characteristics of each genre type. Please emphasize to your child that he/she MUST keep track of all handouts distributed in class. These handouts will also be available in Google Classroom as well. 


Students will  be notified when logs are due and they will receive a grade for their log. Incomplete logs will not be accepted and will be returned to your child. The number of books read by your child each quarter is also recorded on the report card. Please let me know if you have any questions.THANK YOU!


Ms. N. Parks



SAMPLE LOG: Log Sample 001.jpg


BLANK COPY 2: Log 2.pdf


SAMPLE GENRES : Trees page 1.pdf (Apples) Descriptions page 2.pdf