READING LOGS-2020-2021

READING LOGS                                                      


September 2020-2021 heart


The reading log is posted in Google Classroom now beginning this week since it is October 1.  See Google Classroom for more detailed information on Reading Logs. Students should use their log to keep track of all of the reading (books, magazines, etc.) that they do in one month. I will be checking periodically to note your child’s progress throughout the month. Students should be reading books appropriate for his/her reading level. Children who are capable of reading more challenging books should be encouraged to do so. I have a Reading Level Correlation Chart in Reading Resources (Google Classroom) Students can read books on Epic, Reading A-Z, Teaching Books, and now TumbleBooks for which we just gained access. surprise

Students may not use stories from Savvas, My View or books at home that they have already read. frown

Students will also be required to indicate the genre of the book read. For example, is the book a fairy tale, a legend, drama, historical fiction, realistic fiction, a biography?  On the log, they must write the title of the book, the author, and the genre. We will be learning about and discussing a variety of genres in reading so your child will master the various types. They will need to know genres for any future standardized tests. wink

Reading logs will be checked and graded at the end of the month. The number of books read by your child each month is also recorded on the report card quarterlyangel

Thank You!

Ms. N. Parks