Supply List 2020-2021

    SUPPLY LIST                  



POD 210/ROOM 212

September 2020


Headphones/Earbuds to use at school-very important for remote learning.

Pencil Bag

2 Dozen #2 Pencils Already Sharpened-No Mechanical Pencils


Hole Puncher-Single Hole Punch for Student

Small Box of Crayons

Box of Colored Pencils Already Sharpened

Washable/Non-Toxic Colored Markers

1 Glue Stick

Highlighter – 2 different colors

COVERED Pencil Sharpener

Loose-leaf Notebook Paper (Wide-Ruled)

4 Notebooks

6 Pocket Folders

Children’s Dictionary for at home use

VERY LARGE SUPPLY of 3x5 Index Cards

1 Box of Kleenex - Please remember to replenish mid-year

Box of Hand Wipes or Baby Wipes

1 Bottle of Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer

1 Box of Gallon Zip Lock Bags

1 Roll of Paper Towels

1 REAM of White Copy Paper (and/or Assorted Colors-if possible)





*ink or gel pens

*permanent markers

*pencil boxes that lock with a key


*fidget spinners or any kind of fidget toy

*electronic games

*beeping watches

*cell phones

*trading cards of any kind

*nail polish or make-up


Large Binders are not recommended as they will not fit in the desks.



Please be sure supplies are replenished throughout the year. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Thank You!

Ms. Parks